"Promoting Health With A Heart"


Who We Are

We are an association of health professionals and others passionate about health and spirituality. We are an affiliate of the Community of Christ. We promote wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

HMA's Vision for the Future

Inspired by Jesus Christ, we envision sustainable health and wholeness for all individuals, families, congregations, and communities

HMA's Mission

We serve a world in need, through ministries of health, spirituality, education, and by networking.

 Support for Wholeness & Well-Being

At the 2013 Community of Christ World Conference, HMA was identified as a partner for providing resources and links for use in promoting Wholeness and Well-being.

Organization  Information

Health Ministry
Embracing Health, Wholeness and Sense of Well-Being
Pursuing good health is a personal journey. One's sense of wellbeing goes beyond physical health to include emotional, mental, and relational health. Wholeness exists when every aspect of life is in balance; body, mind, and spirit. Many draw strength through their personal relationship with God, spiritual practices, religious beliefs, fellowship and desire to serve others. To become a Health Minister or to learn how you can start a health ministry in your congregation, contact the office at 816.833.1000, extension 1262 or
E-Mail. Consultation and training can be arranged.

History of Organization

Doctors, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, dieticians, and other health professionals began professional organizations in the Community of Christ during the 1960's and 1970's. These organizations were active around the world with mother-child centers, health teams, nurse recruitment, and many other activities. In 2002 these organizations joined forces with a renewed focus to promote health in our congregations, our communities, and with our global neighbors. With the new name of Health Ministries Association, membership was opened to not only health professionals, but anyone interested in health and wholeness of individuals, families, congregations, or communities.

Health Ministries Association  Community of Christ International Headquarters 1001 West Walnut  Independence
Community of Christ
Health Ministries Association
Community of Christ Affiliate
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1001 West Walnut, Independence, Missouri 64050-3562  U.S.A.

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FAX:  816.521.3084

Community of Christ Health Ministries Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit health organization supported solely by donations and gifts made
directly to HMA. For written permission to use the HMA logo on your publication or website, please contact the office 816.833.1000 ext.1418.
Updated 8/31/18