Edgar's Story

Edgar is a 14 year old young man who was brought to the attention of HMA physicians in 1999.  Since birth Edgar was known to have a heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallott which includes four identifiable defects of the heart structure.  This condition caused Edgar to grow up unable to participate in usual childhood activities.  Edgar's lips, mouth and finger nail beds were constantly blue as a result of his heart defects.  He was unable to walk more than a few yards without having to rest.  In 1999 a pediatric resident, Dr. Kristen Stahl, participating in an elective at the La Buena Clinic discovered Edgar.  Dr. Stahl returned to the U.S. determined to find someone to do the open heart surgery required to repair the defect.  In November of 2000 the surgical procedure was performed at St. Louis Children's Hospital along with brain surgery for several brain aneurysms which were discovered after Edgar was in the U.S. Edgar has recovered and continues to be followed by the HMA team physicians.  He is attending school, playing soccer and working part time as a gardener at a hospital in his hometown of Siquetepeque, Honduras

Updated 10/20/03


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