Honduras Rural Healthcare Program

The Honduras Rural Healthcare Program is designed around a unique HMA international member, Saira Giron, a former HMA scholarship recipient who is now a university graduate professional nurse.

The program will support Saira working with five to six villages that have been identified to have great need and very limited access to health care. The villages currently being looked at have a population of approximately 2000 total persons spread across three government jurisdictions.

The program will provide regular health clinics in each of the selected villages, arrange and conduct well-child clinics for the school students, arrange and teach educational classes on pregnancy, child health, nutrition, and other pertinent topics. In the first year an assessment of the families of each village will help identify specific health needs and public health concerns. This assessment will be used to begin addressing the issues identified.

Community of Christ Central American Mission Center leadership may also identify nearby congregations where she will offer health services and educational classes.


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