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Congregational Health Ministries Handbook

The new Community of Christ CHM Handbook is available at no charge to Health Ministries Association members who are current on their dues. This 50-page handbook contains information about Health Ministry in general, as well as various models for setting up a health ministry in a congregation. The model used depends on the size of the group and the skill sets available. The book provides guidelines for legal and risk management issues, samples of health briefs and visual aids, and much more!

To receive a C of C Congregational Health Ministries Handbook you must be a current member of C of C Health Ministries Association and submit a Handbook registration form indicating how you might like to use the Handbook. Membership application and dues as well as registration form for the Handbook can be submitted online.

Once your membership and registration have been received you will be contacted by HMA by phone to give you a brief orientation to using the Handbook and to answer any questions. Then the handbook can be emailed or mailed to you. In addition, our HMA Congregational Health Ministry Network Facilitator is available for consultation and you can be added to the CHM network for ongoing support and contact. Feel free to contact HMA now if you wish.
E-Mail or 816.833.1000 ext 1262


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Community of Christ Health Ministries Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit health organization supported solely by donations and gifts made
directly to HMA. For written permission to use the HMA logo on your publication or website, please contact the office 816.833.1000 ext.1418.

Updated 1/15/15