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Speaking through the Silence:
Addressing Issues of Domestic Violence
Saturday, August 22nd 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CDT

A live online workshop using Zoom


Morning Keynote: "Speaking through the Silence: Addressing Issues of Domestic Violence"

by Catherine Vannier, Special Victims Resource Prosecutor,  MO Office of Prosecution Services

Catherine will overview the pervasive problems of family/domestic & sexual violence (child abuse, elder abuse/exploitation, intimate partner abuse & sexual assault).  She will highlight challenges in investigating & prosecuting these crimes.  She will explore commonalities & dynamics (coercion, control, & trauma) with these kinds of abuse.  Catherine will share how domestic/family violence creates "silence" among those involved  -  and difficulties in overcoming the silence.  She will offer strategies for working with victims & their families in seeking safety and care, while holding offenders accountable.



Child Abuse

Kara LaTessa, RN, MSN, SANE-A, SANE-P
and  Heidi Olson, RN MSN, CPN, SANE-P
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Managers
Children's Mercy Hospital

Elder Abuse

Judy Gibbs, JD,  Asst. City Prosecutor for KCMO
Chair of the KC Elder Abuse Task Force

1 A -  Causes, Symptoms, and Recognition

Kara & Heidi will discuss the large scope of child abuse and highlight risk factors for this abuse (including sexual abuse). They will share signs/symptoms of child abuse, exploitation, neglect & maltreatment and how to recognize this abuse.  They will discuss prevention measures and the reporting of child abuse (including mandatory reporters).

2 A  -  Causes, Symptoms, and Recognition

Judy will discuss the dynamics (risks/causes) leading to elder abuse, including exploitation & sexual abuse.  She will share signs/symptoms usually present, and how abuse may be recognized and the elder person helped.  Judy will also discuss elder abuse reporting (including mandatory reporters in MO), and she will highlight ways to prevent elder abuse.

1 B - Treatment, Outcomes, & Resources

Kara & Heidi will discuss evidence-based treatment for child abuse (including sexual abuse) & the importance of supports (family, church, healthcare providers, teachers.) They will share long-term issues in child abuse & ways that treatment can increase positive outcomes.  They will identify resources/therapy options for victims and abusers.

2 B - Treatment, Outcomes, & Resources

Judy will discuss the response/treatment for elder abuse (including sexual abuse) and exploitation, and the importance of ongoing support (family, church, healthcare providers).  She will share long-term issues & outcomes of response/treatment for both victims & abusers, and she will identify resources for help for both.

Intimate Partner Abuse

Whitney Francis, MA, RYT-200,
Bridge Program Coordinator
Rose Brooks Center

Sexual Abuse & Assault/Rape

Jennifer Green, RN, MSN-FN, BSN, BA, RN, SANE-A
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner/Clinical Forensic Care Manager,  St. Luke's Health System

3 A  -  Causes, Symptoms & Recognition

Whitney will discuss the dynamics (risks/causes) of intimate partner abuse.  She will share signs/symptoms in spousal/partner abuse, & how this abuse may be recognized.  She will discuss ways abused partners can get help (hotline call, police, family), leading to help and treatment.  She will highlight ways intimate partner abuse may be prevented.

4 A  -  Causes, Symptoms, & Recognition

Jennifer will discuss the dynamics/causes of sexual abuse & assault/rape, including perpetrator characteristics.  She will share signs, symptoms, and reactions in those dealing with these crimes.  Jennifer will identify ways victims get help/treatment (hotline, police, providers), and will highlight ways sexual abuse and assault may be prevented.

3 B - Treatment, Outcomes, & Resources

Whitney will discuss treatment approaches for intimate partner abuse and the importance of support (family, church, health providers).  She will share the outcomes of treatment and longer term issues of intimate partner abuse.  She will identify resources to help victims and abusers.

4 B - Treatment, Outcomes, & Resources

Jennifer will discuss care approaches for sexual abuse/assault & the importance of support (family, church, health providers).  She will present community supports to address ongoing concerns (eg: safety & sexually transmitted infection). Jennifer will share reporting in KS & MO, as well as resources that help victims & abusers.

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Welcome, Devotion, & Introductions
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Prayer for Peace
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Closing Session
Evaluations and Certificates

Closing Session

"Hearing Silenced Voices:
Spiritual Companionship in Violence and Trauma"

Katie Harmon McLaughlin, MA, CSD

Spiritual Formation Ministries, Community of Christ

Participants have an opportunity to reflect on experiences of the day and have opportunity to process spiritual implications for their own lives and communities.  Also, participants will explore the role of a spiritual companion in response to violence and trauma.

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